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Skills are class-specific abilities and spells that let your Adventurers influence the outcome of combat encounters. For example, Clerics have several healing skills, while Wizards have fire- and frost-based skills (spells) to choose from.

Accessing Skills[]

Skills are accessed through each Adventurer's character sheet by clicking the "Skills" button at the top of the left-most column.

Character Sheet - Skills button.png

Once clicked, a new window will pop up like this:

Character Sheet - Example Skill Selection screen.png

Skill Points[]

Skill Points are the way an Adventurer can last longer in combat and help their fellow partymembers. Skill points can be spent increasing the rank of an existing skill or to broaden their repertoire by learning a new skill or ability.

Skill Selections[]

No Adventurer is perfect - there's always something new to learn. With that in mind, Adventurers are limited to a subset of all the skills available to their class. This restriction is enforced by the Skill Selections Remaining field at the top of their skill selection screen.

Character Sheet - Skill Selection - Skill Selections and Points remaining.png

Every class starts with 5 skill selections. Whenever you spend skill points on a new (Rank 0) skill, the Skill Selections Remaining counter decrements by one. Once the counter reaches 0, that Adventurer can no longer learn new skills (but can continue to improve already-known skills).

Gaining Skill Points[]

When your Adventurer earns enough Experience Points to gain a new level, they will also earn one skill point.

Spending Skill Points[]

You can improve your Adventurers by spending skill points in any of three branches of their skill tree or increase one of their three passive Attribute stats. Notice that there are three tiers of skills in each of the branches labeled 1, 5, and 10; your Adventurer must be a minimum of that level in order to choose a skill from that tier.

Skill Ranks[]

Each skill has a rank that starts at Rank 0. If you spend one skill point in that skill, that skill will raise to Rank 1, two skill points will raise the skill to Rank 2, etc. Once a skill reaches Rank 5, it will be "capped" (unable to raise any higher) until your Adventurer is level 10 or greater.

Once your Adventurer is level 10, raising any skill past Rank 5 will cost two skill points instead of one. At Rank 10, the skill will again be capped until your Adventurer reaches level 20, and thereafter raising any skill past Rank 10 will cost three skill points instead of two.

Choose wisely!


When an Adventurer reaches level 10, you can respec (short for "respecification"), or reallocate, their skill points.

Character Sheet - Skill Selection - Respec button.png

Clicking this button:

  • resets the Adventurer's skill selections to 5
  • resets the Adventurer's skill points to however many they've earned so far
  • all skills are reset to Rank 0

You can now choose new skills for the Adventurer.

List of Skills by Class[]

Every class's page has a listing of that class's available skills.

Complete List of Skills[]

Coming soon...