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Shields are Equipment that are equippable by Adventurers for even more armor capabilities as well as reducing damage taken from enemies. Adventurers wearing shields gain many benefits:

Better-quality shields can also can boost the Adventurer's Attributes and other stats.

The downside to shields is that they are equipped in the off-hand slot, which means Adventurers are limited to one-handed weapons.

Types of Shields[edit | edit source]

Shields come in two varieties, each usable by a certain subset of classes.

Light Shield[edit | edit source]

Light shields are lightweight all-purpose shields that give your Adventurer a chance to block incoming enemy attacks that would otherwise hurt a lot. Great for scrappy Adventurers who like getting into knock-down-drag-out dungeon brawls!

Light Shield
Shield - Light - Common.png
Base Armor Weight
2 ??
Block Chance
Block Amount
+20% +25%
Useable by:

Heavy Shield[edit | edit source]

Heavy shields are, as their name implies, heavy, bulky armor that can turn the most brutal onslaught into what basically amounts to a pillow fight. Heavy shields are the bread and butter of the sword-and-board tanking Adventurers, Paladins and Warriors.

Heavy Shield
Shield - Heavy - Common.png
Base Armor Weight
4 ??
Block Chance
Block Amount
+20% +40%
Useable by:

Tiers[edit | edit source]

The following table contains the item tiers for both varieties of shields:

Tier Light Shield Heavy Shield
Tier 1 Buckler Board Shield
Tier 2 Round Shield Square Shield
Tier 3 Oval Shield Spiked Shield
Tier 4 Metal Shield Viking Shield
Tier 5 Mage Shield Kite Shield
Tier 6 Rounded Shield Ethereal Shield
Tier 7 Elven Shield Tower Shield
Tier 8 Sheriff Shield Phalanx Shield
Tier 9 Iberian Shield Flowerpower Shield
Tier 10 Bessie Shield Skull Shield