Adventurer Manager Wiki

As your Adventurers get older, they become less of the lean, mean fighting machines they used to be. When an Adventurer has reached sufficiently old age, the Retire button on their character sheet will light up and give you the choice of retiring your Adventurer.

Character Sheet - Retire button.png

In doing so, you can choose to have this old Adventurer mentor a younger Adventurer.

What happens when you click the Retire button[]

You will get a confirmation asking if you really want to retire this Adventurer:

Are you sure you wish to retire [old Adventurer] and mentor [young Adventurer]? This action will take up one Adventurer slot until the retired Adventurer dies from old age and cannot be undone.

Benefits of Retiring[]

The retiring Adventurer can pass down some of his or her accumulated knowledge to the mentee, such as:

  • bonus Attribute points
  • bonus Experience Points
  • bonus University training points

Disadvantages of Retiring[]

The retired Adventurer will sit around collecting Social Security and watching Matlock all day, counting against your Max Adventurers cap until they finally shuffle off their mortal coil.