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[?] Locate the Kingblade
Gold Experience Ruler Experience
40 22 22
Location Encounters
Crypt Explore
Quest text
Recover your Father's sword, the Kingblade from the Crypt.
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A Giant Problem ?

Locate the Kingblade is the second Storyquest of Adventureer Manager.


The Primary Objective of the quest is to Kill the Zombie Lord. Inside the Cave you will find different encounters like Cave Spider, Zombie, Fruit Bat and Pantsless the Mighty.. It is possible to find a Chance Event, a Chest and a Camp inside the cave.

It is advised to equip and train the party before trying out this quest.

Special Reward
Once the Zombie Lord is defeated, it drops the unique shield Zombie Shield.


Now that you have come of age, the Cryptkeeper deems you old enough to retrieve your late fathers sword, the Kingblade, which was stolen by the Zombie Lord. Getting your valueable family sword back would certainly strengthen your claim to the throne.


Before the Quest[]

"Your grace, my face! The cryptkeeper needs a word with your highness!"
"Sorry to trouble you your grace but with Miraj as our ruler for the past 15 years, I have awaited your coming of age. I knew that you would grow up and take back the kingdom that is rightfully yours.

That being said, I have some information that may be of use. Your father, long live the king, was buried, mmm buried, with his prized sword, the Kingblade.

Yesterday, I saw a beautiful example of a corpse rise in the night and steal this royal blade! I'm sorry your grace but I ran away! I have a strong feeling that the gorgeous corpse is still within the Crypt and the sword rightfully belongs to you, your grace.

If you were to take up this sword, I have no doubt it would be prove to the Elves of the woods that you are the true heir of this kingdom and they would certainly swear fealty and help you overcome the dastardly Miraj! I just hope you let me perform the autopsy!''"

"Well! He certainly smells! This sword though, the Kingblade. It would be in your best interest to retrieve it as the elves would be powerful allies! To the Crypt!"

After completion[]

"Fantastic bombastic! You're found the Kingblade! The Elves will most certainly hear it sing as they recognize you as the true heir to the late King! They will be a great help in your quest to rid the land of Miraj!"