Adventurer Manager Wiki

Equipment is used to improve Adventurers so that they can live longer, deal more damage, and in general be more useful. Equipment can be looted from dungeons, bought or gambled from shops, or crafted by the Blacksmith in your Ruler's Castle.

Types of Equipment[]


Weapons are equippable items that let your Adventurers deal more damage to enemies, boost their attributes and other stats, and increase their average Gear Score. Every class can use at least one weapon type. Adventurers of a specific race may also have a damage bonus when they are wielding a racially-preferred weapon.


Armor consists of helmets, chest armor, and shields. Adventurers wearing armor have a higher Gear Score and will last longer in a fight due to increased Armor defense stats. Many pieces of armor can also boost your Adventurer's attributes and other stats. Every class can use at least one type of armor.


Shields are additional pieces of armor that a certain subset of classes can equip. Adventurers wearing shields gain more armor defense as well as gaining a chance to block incoming enemy attacks. As shields are equipped in the off-hand slot, Adventurers are limited to one-handed weapons.

Shields come in two varieties: Light Shields and Heavy Shields.


Also known as jewelry or trinkets, Accessories are lightweight wearables that can provide a significant boost to an Adventurer's attributes, stats, combat and/or defense abilities, and average Gear Score.

Types of Accessories[]

  • Ring
  • Necklace


Short for item level. Every piece of equipment has an ilvl that is factored into the equipment's ultimate Gear Score. In addition to class requirements, any given item will have a minimum Adventurer level in order to wear or wield the item. The formula is:

Req Lvl = ilvl - 5

with a minimum of 1. For example, an ilvl 17 dagger requires a minimum Adventurer level of 12 in order to wield it.


Every piece of equipment has an item tier that is factored into the equipment's ultimate Gear Score. Item Tiers range from 1 to 10 and correspond roughly to every 5 Adventurer levels. As an item goes up in Tier, their name will also change to reflect their higher status.

Tier Item Levels
1 1 - 4
2 5 - 9
3 10 - 14
4 15 - 19
5 20 - 24
6 25 - 29
7 30 - 34
8 35 - 39
9 40 - 44
10 45+