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Once upon a time in Adventure Manager, a giant named Johanny traveled across an endless desert with only a giant peach to sustain him. He wandered for weeks with no way out of the desert, until his peach was nothing but a pit. Facing starvation he swallowed the pit, but choked on it and died in the desert buried in the sands. The Peach was of course magical, and so was the pit, which quickly began to sprout thanks to the nourishment of the fallen giant. The Peach blossomed into a giant towering tree that spread shade over the desert, giving shelter to other plant life.

Eventually this towering magic tree turned much of the land into a forest that slowly grew over the desert, and it began to grow its own magical fruit. When the fruit began to fall, there were no animals to eat it, so it began to rot on the floor. Eventually some flies found the rotting magic fruit and began to lay eggs in it. Those eggs hatched into maggots who feasted on the rotten magical fruit, enhancing the maggots with magical energies, they grew arms and legs and pointy ears and... that's about all the changes that happened actually. Today they're known as the Elves of Elfia.