This list isn't all-inclusive, but it's a pretty good starting point. Skills and combat need to wait until the skills overhaul patch. Claim something, and try to do everything in batches. Trying to find random bits that didn't get completed can be very time-consuming. Please keep this page updated as to your progress on what you've claimed so I can keep track of what still needs to be done. -Beta7


  • Enemies (Beta7)
  • Races (Beta7)
  • Weapon and Armor Types (Beta7)
  • Blacksmith:Gems (Beta7 - short)
  • Blacksmith:Salvaging (Beta7 - short)


  • Classes

(primary role, types of weapons and armor (see Equipment page's list of weapons and armor))

  • Weapons

(upload info like Fist page, use weapon template)

  • Armor

(upload info like *insert example here*, use armor template - need to set this example up still)

  • Blacksmith:Crafting

(flavor text? not quite sure what to put here)

  • Castle Upgrades

(short and easy; give neutral view pro/con to each option)

  • Party Bonuses

(hire lots of lvl 1 adventurers and experiment; include name of bonus, benefit, and requirement)

  • Story Quests

(original name, plus gold/xp/rxp info; I hope to get the lower-left-hand-corner-speech-bubble text from Froren to just copy/paste; make sure you start these by adding them to the list in Quests first)

  • Common Quests

(this one is open to anyone at any time; make sure you start these by adding them to the list in Quests first)

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