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Dwarfia is a location in Adventurer Manager.

Many people think that the great city of Dwarfia was made by the Dwarves, but this was only partially true. Originally it was a said to be a floating castle, its makers and residents unknown. One day it simply fell from the sky and crash landed in the western mountains, abandoned. The crash cracked open the mountain, exposing Dwarves to the horrors of sunlight and clean air. Thinking they were under attack, they poured out of the broken mountain and into the fallen castle, looking for something to kill, smashing and ransacking every pot and crate in sight but finding no evidence as to the castles owners.

Eventually, the ruined castle and broken mountain were both repaired by the Dwarves creating an entrance to their underground cities which nobody else is allowed into for reasons that can only be described as "classified". Some believe they raided ancient technology or long lost magic from the castle and experiment with it deep underground away from prying eyes. Originally named "Location 51", it was renamed after the dwarven battle cry "Dwarf Yeah" which was then shorted to "Dwarfia"

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