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Congratulation! *sarcastic slowclap* you found out that one adventurer is not like the other... Great, i mean, really...

(For Version 0.6.13)

Classes[edit | edit source]

As for the actual classes. There are 4 general directions:

  • Tank (Brutish knucklehead who can take a couple of hits)
  • Healer (The noble elves *cough-weakling* who take care of the party health-wise)
  • Bruisers, Damage Dealers (whatever you want to call them, the guys that bring the HURT)
  • Mages
  • Supporters (Those that don't fit into any category because of their abilities, which do not qualify them into any group)
  • Hybrids (all-rounder vs. specialization)

Tanks[edit | edit source]

Healer[edit | edit source]

Bruisers/DD[edit | edit source]

Mages[edit | edit source]