Adventurer Manager Wiki

You have hired your first hero in Adventure Manager? Good for you! But do you understand anthing about him? Nope? Then here it is the comprehensive segment upon the lowlifes selling their bodys and their souls to your course. (again, everything for version 0.6.13)

Adventurer Screen[]

Let's see What's what and where it is located. Notice the tricky placed skill menu.

Character screen 2.JPG


Serving no actual influence in the game yet, this part of your character shows you his prior occupation, what he fears and more stuff. As far as i can see it only serves your entertainment, seeing these people actually had it worse/some better than you.


Well due to the fact that we are in an imaginary world anything is quantifyable... the same goes for Attributes aswell.

Primary Statistics[]

These statistics influence everything.

But they do even more, for each specific class. For further infromation look under Primary Attribute

  • Strength
  • Dexteritiy
  • Constitution
  • Focus
  • Inteligence
  • Wisdom

Secondary Statistics[]

If there are Primary Attributes there are secondary ones aswell...


Yuhay, now you have seen it, and more you'll se under each Class i'll introduce.