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Every Adventurer you hire has a character sheet where you can view their Attributes and statistics, equip Equipment, pick new Skills when they level up, and much more.

This is an example character sheet from Adventurer Manager v.2.1.1:

Example Character Sheet.png

As of v.2.1.1, Adventurer character sheets consist of three columns:

  1. statistics,
  2. currently equipped items (and more statistics), and
  3. available equipment that the Adventurer might be able to equip

Each of these columns contain important information and/or choices about your Adventurer and is the primary way you manage the nitty-gritty details about your Adventurers. Adventurer Manager is the name of the game, after all!

Left column, top section[]

Charsheet - Retire, Skills, University Courses, Change Appearance, Avg Gear Score.png


Character Sheet - Retire button.png
As your Adventurers get older, they become less of the lean, mean fighting machines they used to be. When an Adventurer has reached sufficiently old age, this button will light up and give you the choice of retiring your Adventurer, who can thus mentor a younger Adventurer.


Character Sheet - Skills button.png
Skills are class-specific abilities and spells that let your Adventurers influence the outcome of combat encounters. For example, Clerics have several healing skills, while Wizards have fire- and frost-based spells to choose from.

Every class's page has a listing of their available skills.

University Courses[]

Character Sheet - University Courses button.png
Adventurers can take courses at the University to improve their combat, attributes, adventuring, or auto-adventuring stats and abilities.

Change Appearance[]

Character Sheet - Change Appearance.png
Even Adventurers need a haircut or a new wardrobe once in a while. This button takes you to the Barber Shop to edit the appearance of your Adventurer.

Avg. Gear Score[]

An Adventurer's average Gear Score is the average of all the Gear Scores of the equipment that s/he is currently wearing. This stat contributes to whether the Adventurer is under-geared for an encounter when building a party to auto-adventure or raid a dungeon. See Gear Score for a complete breakdown of this stat.

Left column, Stats tab[]

Short for "statistics", the Stats tab of an Adventurer's character sheet gives you all the juicy details about his or her combat and adventuring abilities. For the complete descriptions of each stat, see the Statistics article.


For the complete descriptions of each stat, see the Statistics article, particularly the defense section.

HP Hit points are a numeric metric of how many and how hard of a whack your Adventurer can take before they die. Dead Adventurers can be resurrected at the Graveyard at your Ruler's Castle.
Armor Your Adventurer's armor score is calculated solely by adding up the armor values of the various pieces of armor s/he is wearing plus any armor-related University courses. The armor score directly factors into the amount of damage mitigation that your Adventurer takes when s/he gets hit by an enemy attack.
Mitigation Damage mitigation is a percentage reduction of the amount of incoming damage.
HP Regen Every round, your Adventurer will gain this many HP. It's like free healing!
Block Chance This is the percentage chance that your Adventurer will succeed at blocking an incoming attack. Granted only when your Adventurer has a shield equipped.
Block Amount If your Adventurer succeeds at blocking an incoming attack, this amount of damage will be completely negated. Granted only when your Adventurer has a shield equipped.
Parry Same as Block Chance except with a weapon instead of a shield.
Riposte ???
Phys. Dodge Why bother with all this mitigation and armor and crap when your Adventurer can simply physically dodge the attack and thus avoid taking damage by getting out of the way completely?
Magic Resist Magic is a powerful force; however, your Adventurer has spent a lifetime learning how to stay alive by avoiding or reducing the damage from incoming attacks - whether of the mundane, physical type or by shrugging off magical effects.
Dmg Reflect If your Adventurer takes damage, s/he can reflect a portion of the damage dealt back to the attacker.


For the complete descriptions of each stat, see the Statistics article, particularly the combat section.

Weap Dmg The amount of damage an Adventurer deals with his or her weapon is given as a range.
Spellpower The spell equivalent of weapon damage.
Hit Your Adventurer isn't perfect and may not always hit his or her intended target.
Crit If your Adventurer lands a solid hit, this is the percentage chance that his or her hit is so particularly well-placed that it deals a massive amount of damage.
Crit Dmg How much damage? This much damage!
Dual Wield ???
Life on Hit When your Adventurer makes a successful attack, he or she has a chance to regain some HP.
Double Attack Prepare for trouble - and make it double! Particularly combat-minded Adventurers always look for opportunities to get another attack in if at all possible.
Triple Attack Why settle for just two attacks? Why not three attacks?
Energy on Hit Every time your Adventurer lands a hit, s/he will gain this much Energy back.
Energy Regen Your Adventurer regains Energy this much faster every round.


For the complete descriptions of each stat, see the Statistics article, particularly the bonuses section.

Magic Find Does what it says on the tin, eh?
Gold Find
Adventuring ???
XP Gain This Adventurer may have a racial bonus (or penalty) to XP gain (e.g. Giants) or have trained in Adventuring skills at the University.
Flee Some Adventurers like to beat a hasty retreat, so they train at the University on how to be fleet of foot should an encounter go poorly.
Resting This Adventurer recovers Statistics#Endurance faster.

Auto Adventures[]

For the complete descriptions of each stat, see the Statistics article, particularly the auto-adventures section.

Left column, Bio tab[]

Center column, Quick Stats[]

Your Adventurer's quick stats are a compact display of his or her HP, XP, level, age, and endurance found in the middle of the center column on the Adventurer's character sheet.

Character Sheet - Quick Stats.png

For the complete descriptions of each stat, see the Statistics article, particularly the Quick Stats section.