Adventurer Manager Wiki

The Castle is the monarch's home base, from which he wages his war against Miraj. Here, you will find a quest board that reflects invasions, the Blacksmith, the Jeweler, a Stash, a Graveyard where you can pay to revive any cadavers in your party, the Jester, and the Castle Keep itself, which can be upgraded to provide bonuses to your party.

Each room added to the Castle Keep costs an increasing amount (starting at 100 gold and increasing per additional room). The tower is the central architectural feature of the castle; additional rooms stem outward from it, building both distally and vertically. Rooms can be demolished, but only if they are not underneath an existing room or between an existing room and the tower. Each room can provide the following possible bonuses:

  • Stash size- adds 50 to your total inventory/stash.
  • Adventurer XP- +5% to adventurer experience points.
  • University Training Cost- -5% to the costs of University skills.
  • Magic Find- +10% to Magic Find stat.
  • Allegiance Gain- +10% to the loyalty of the cities.
  • Gold Find- +10% to Gold Find stat.
  • University Training Time- -1 hour reduction while training in the University.
  • Flee Chance- +10% better chance to flee.
  • Resting- Adds +2 END per tick while resting.
  • Auto Adventure Speed- -5% Auto Adventure speed.
  • Res Cost- Decreases Res cost by 5%.

A maximum of 12 rooms can be added.