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You know the joke somewhere in here about quantifying everything? It is sort of true. Attributes display just how capable a character is concerning an aspect... (or not if so.)

Primary Attribute

All characters have a declared primary Attribute, sometime a declared secondary Attribute. This Attribute increases their damage and influences there spellpower. Each Class has their primary Attribute listet in their description as well as in the segment of Primary Attribute.

Interdepentent Attributes

and their influence on secondary Attributes

  • Strength 1 point = 0.01% Parry
  • Dexteritiy 1 point = 0.02 dodge
  • Constitution 1 point = +5 hitpoints
  • Focus 1 point = 0.02% crit + very little % torwards crit dmg
  • Inteligence
  • Wisdom 1 point = 0.05 Magic Resist

Also visit Class for the primary Attributes for each Class. (Yeah i am overly enthusiastic to create more pages :D)

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