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"Anyway here it is: the bringer of pain, defeater of ...

(anyone got the "spartacus - blood and sand" - reference?)

But seriously this guy brings the Hurt, being able to produce 2k+ dmg at level 20 with the right items.

It is listed in the devlog as a dexterity-intelligence-Hybrid. I would disagree. My personal prefrence of this character aside, i name it a dexterity-Focus-Hybrid.


Skills are very important to this particular class.

Damage Branch[]

This branch focuses on dealing damage without anything around it.

Arcane Blast[]

ImagePlaceholder (move around this particular skill)

Magic Aim[]

ImagePlaceholder Armor-Penetration, doesn't care about MagicResistance simply annihilates even shielded and armored Special Bosses. combined with Placeholder

Statpoint allocation[]

Put everything in Dexterity, you want a lot of weapdmg.


Maximize Dexterity Maximize Crit chance