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In order to fight Miraj, you will need the loyalty of the various Races spread throughout Towns and Hubs to reunite your kingdom and reclaim your right to Adventuria's throne.

Allegiance Level[edit | edit source]

Your loyalty level from each Town is measured by the Allegiance Level to your Ruler. By default, you start at Allegiance Level 1 with every town. Each town has three Allegiance Levels for you to earn.

Gaining Allegiance[edit | edit source]

You gain allegiance by:

  • Successfully completing quests for the leaders of the town
  • Saving the town from Invasions

Losing Allegiance[edit | edit source]

You lose allegiance by:

  • Canceling quests
  • Failing to protect the town from Invasions, resulting in the town getting sacked)

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Hiring Adventurers of a specific race and class combination may be gated behind the town's Allegiance Level to your Ruler. These are:

Level 1 0
Level 2 1,000
Level 3 2,000

Additional benefits:

  •  ??