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[1] A Giant Problem
Gold Experience Ruler Experience
10 19 19
Location Encounters
Cave Explore
Quest text
Investigate the Cave for signs of the loaf-eater
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Locate the Kingblade

A Giant Problem is the first Storyquest of Adventureer Manager.


A giant rat called Fang lives in the Cave. You are asked to get rid of the giant rat problem.

The Primary Objective of the quest is to Kill Fang. Inside the Cave you will find different encounters like Bats, Rats, Spiders, Enraged Bats, Enraged Spiders, Bear and Wolf. It is possible to find a Chance Event, a Chest and a Camp inside the cave.

It is advised to equip and train the party before trying out this quest.

Special Reward
Once Fang is defeated, it drops the unique dagger Fang's Fang.



Before the Quest[]

After completion[]

"Oh my!! A giant rat you say? EWWW! Thanks soooo much for your help, this is just fabulous, here have this super special cupcake I made!"
"Great, skate! You've defeated your first boss! There are bound to be more of them in our journey! It looks there's some trouble in the Crypt, why don't you check it out and I'll be back later, no doubt!"